Saturday, May 22, 2010

21st May - Back On Dry Land (for now)

So, we have exchanged our life of luxury onboard, for 3 weeks in the idyllic Greek Islands, staying with Tracy's Dad in Spetses.

We dragged our huge cases around the port at Piraeus to the Ferry out to the Saronic Islands, relieved to see that they weren't still on strike, and caught the Dolphin for the 3 hour trip to Spetses.

Rather than the usual bright sunshine that normally greets us, we were met with threatening looking grey skies, that duly delivered a huge downpour and electrical storm later in the afternoon.

However, it cleared up enough in the evening for us to stroll into Spetses Town, to visit an untouristy taverna where a bunch of locals sprung into an impromptu jam session of bazouki, guitar and folk singing. You couldn't have an evening that felt more "Greek" than that.

We'll be here for 3 weeks until we get the ferry back to Piraeus where we'll pick up another ship for 7 weeks venturing around the Aegean and the Black Sea.