Wednesday, June 8, 2011

May 30th – Down To The Lake

Having cycled every square inch of Munich yesterday, we headed out of town by train to the beautiful Starnberger Lake. This was a last minute choice after flicking through the guidebook for 2 minutes – and what a great choice it was. This place is absolutely beautiful!

The lake is overlooked by snow clad mountains, surrounded by beautiful green countryside, and lapped by clear cool waters (although some of the hardier types were swimming in the lake, so it couldn't be too cold). Apparently Munich's rich and famous flock here to their holiday homes at the weekend, and it's not difficult to see why; not only is it incredibly picturesque but the lake is ringed by so many nice restaurants and cool bars. If this place were in Britain, it would be absolutely mobbed, but on a sunny Monday it was incredibly peaceful and chilled out.

So, we did a big walk around some of the lake (it's way to big to walk all the way round, and much of it is fenced off for the fancy properties), and then we had a pizza in a really nice restaurant in front of a man-made sandy beach.

We could have sat there all day basking in the sun and lapping up the views, apart from the fact that Ade and Lucie had a flight back to Blighty to catch. So, we caught the train back to Munich to say our goodbyes.

Chancing on Starnberg beautifully rounded off a great weekend. How this place isn't world famous I don't know – actually, maybe it is, and I just hadn't heard.