Thursday, August 11, 2011

July 29th-August 1st – In Bruges

Having watched the film "In Bruges" on our way here, we were well prepared for the stunning medieval beauty of this picture-perfect Belgian town that was there to greet us. In spite of Colin Farrell's character asserting that, "it's a sh!thole", you'd be hard-pressed not to fall for Bruges'historic charms.

It wasn't all wonderful though – as ever, the weather was grey and miserable (what happened to the summer this year?); we had to share the sights with way too many other tourists; and it was pretty expensive. But, this is just minor quibbling – a city which can boast masterpieces by Van Eyk, Van der Weyden and Memling by the bucketful; a sculpture by Michelangelo; countless stunning churches; atmospheric canals; and even a visiting Morris Dancing troupe from Spalding Lincolnshire, was almost too much for the eyes to take in.

A great place to end our trip, after another memorable summer in the campervan (although next year, I think we may head further South!).