Monday, May 1, 2017

April 30th – Winding Down in Sorrento

The wonderful thing about Sorrento is that you don't feel like you have to see or do too much when you're in town. This place is about kicking back and enjoying the stunning views out across the Bay of Naples to the brooding Mount Vesuvius in the distance; about pottering around its atmospheric little lanes; and about finding a good pizza restaurant and watching the world go by. We did all three today.

Actually, I don't think that I've ever encountered Sorrento when it's been busier. Being a Sunday, there were lots of local families promenading around; but, there were lots of large groups of international tourists too. Maybe they were coming for some early season sun – it was gloriously sunny, if a little bit on the cool side. Maybe it was because many of the other spring sunshine destinations are largely off limits these days (like Turkey, Egypt, or North Africa). Whatever the reason, Sorrento was BUSY.

So, we decided to escape the crowds and walked down to the Marina Grande for a coffee. It was only a 20-minute walk away, but this was like another place entirely – no big tour groups, no souvenir shops, and a little beach where it was just about warm enough to attract a few sunbathers.

After enjoying the chilled out atmosphere, we headed back to Sorrento to join the crowds perusing the shops, before heading to meet up with some friends for a delicious pizza and a bit of La Dolce Vita.

After 114 days on the world cruise, you need relaxing days like this.