Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oct 6 – The Stormy Bay of Biscay

We have stocked up on food and drink for our 24 hour crossing from Santander to Portsmouth, but hadn't anticipated that it would be so rough that we wouldn't actually be able to stomach anything.

As soon as we left the harbour, we were straight into a Force 7 gale and a fairly relentless swell meant that staying horizontal in our luxurious cabin was the only option. Even though we spend about 6 months a year at sea nowadays , I was feeling sick pretty much from the word go, and had 2 bouts of retching over the toilet, which made me feel better for about 5 minutes, before the constant queasiness returned.

Tracy had to ignore the noises from the toilet, and her own impending nausea to continue with her frantic revision – her mind is stronger than her stomach.