Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May 1st – May Day in Civitavecchia

Today, our good intentions of catching the train into Rome were thwarted by the May Day Bank Holiday. There was a Sunday service on the trains, and with a much reduced number of trains to catch, we wouldn't have had much of a safety margin if our particular train had been cancelled or had problems (which has happened to us in the past).

So, rather than rushing to catch a train into Rome, and then immediately start to worry about catching a train back, we decided to cut our losses, and stay in Civitavecchia. As anyone who has been to Civitavecchia knows, there isn't much to this port town even when the shops are open; but, on a Bank Holiday, there was even less to do!

So, we restricted our activities to walking along its seafront promenade, having a coffee, and looking for photo opportunities. As you can imagine, this didn't take too long, but at least it gave us time to start on our packing back onboard ship. When you've been away for 4 months, you've accumulated a lot of stuff that needs sorting out. I hope it all fits in our luggage.....