Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 30th – Soaking Up Sydney’s Youthful Vibe

After yesterday's excitement, today was about getting back into a bit of westernised normality – after all these remote Pacific islands, spending time in a busy high-rise city of 5 million people, full of businesspeople and shoppers, made for a great contrast.

As we caught the Shuttle Bus in, and looked at all the action on the busy streets, one person half-jokingly asked, "where are all the old people?". She was right, everyone out there seemed to be young, tanned and fit – giving the streets a really youthful vitality.

Firstly, we had to find a cafe with wifi to call home – no problem in a city as well-connected as Sydney. Secondly, we had to buy some essentials that weren't available (or were too ridiculously over-priced) in the Pacific – Sydney's shops didn't disappoint. Thirdly, we just wanted to get back in the swing of big city – in many ways, Sydney is like London in its architecture and business focus, yet it feels younger, more relaxed, and of course, the sun is invariably shining. It can't be a bad place to live and work.

We then decided to walk up to the Harbour Bridge to get some views back over the harbour. It's only when you're walking along it, that you realise quite how big the bridge is – it's still the heaviest arch in the world. Even if we're too scared to do the bridge climb over the top of the bridge, it's still an awesome feeling to be on this iconic piece of 1930s engineering. Finally, it was time to visit a traditional Aussie pub in the Rocks and have a well deserved cold beer.

If we hadn't got enough pictures of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge already, of course we had yet more photo opportunities on our sail out. Whatever angle you look at it from, Sydney is a great-looking place.