Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hong Kong Day 1

Now we know why they call it "cattle class" -to say we arrived bleary eyed from our flight to Hong Kong would be an understatement! With 2 screaming babies just near us, who took it in turns crying for the entire 11 hours, we didn't get much sleep.

So, it was nice to get onboard and have a few creature comforts. The ship is docked in Kowloon, right next to a huge shopping mall, so after a brief nap, we ventured out to do a little exploring.

We weren't really prepared for the frenzied shopping crowds of a Hong Kong Saturday afternoon, and we stumlbed about, shell-shocked and being barged out of the way by the eager consumers. We lasted about an hour before we needed to return to the shelter of the ship for a rest.

Looking forward to a very long night's sleep!