Thursday, February 18, 2010

Night One in Bangkok

We didn't get into to Bangkok till 4pm, so we had a nice, but extremely hot, afternoon sail in up the Chao Phraya River, up to the city. Most ships can't get as close in to the city centre as we do (they normally dock 3 hours away on the coast), so we're lucky to be just a 20-30 minute taxi ride into the centre of town.

We went on a lovely river cruise on a rice barge, past the palace and the major monuments, all lit up beautifully. Dinner was on the boat, and there was an "unlimited" bar for the duration of the cruise. Normally the words "unlimited" and "bar" going together, are manna from heaven from me, but the after-effects of my cold, meant that I wasn't able to challenge the true limits of unlimited!

It was a hot, hot night, but fortunately the river breezes kept it cool, although the temperature went up a few degrees at the night market after the meal. As we explored we saw a few stalls where the tourists rest their weary feet in a tank full of tiny fish who nibble away at their dead skin - not sure that they've found a fish that could survive 5 minutes with my feet! In amongst all the knock-offs and standard tourist fare, there were a few original clothes stalls which took Tracy's fancy - we will be back!