Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nov 25th – Buzios, the “other” Brazil

So far on this cruise, our Brazil experience has been one of teeming, chaotic cities where you're always aware of poverty on the streets, while the vague possibility of crime is always in the back of your mind – Buzios is the absolute opposite of this. It's a beautiful, laid-back little resort where you feel entirely comfortable strolling along its shopping streets, or walking along its beautiful waterside boulevards.

Like St Tropez in France, Buzios was discovered after Brigitte Bardot holidayed here in the 60s, and since then, it's become the place to see and be seen by Brazil's glitterati and moneyed classes. The shops are stylish, the bars are cool, and the price tags are adjusted upwards to cater for this wealthy clientele.

But, it's all done with such a relaxed panache that it's become the first Brazilian port to register on Tracy's "I could live there" index (when we win the lottery). So we made sure we indulged in the quintessential Buzios activities - 1. Shopping – we bought some cheap Havaillanas; 2. Going to the Beach – being tan-o-phobes, we just strolled along its gorgeous yellow sands, but on what was a very hot day, the sea did look very inviting; 3. Getting a photo taken with the bronze statue of Brigitte Bardot – I gave her a big hug; 4.Going to a trendy bar – the one we chose wasn't too trendy, but it had great views over the beach, and just as importantly, WiFi.

A beautiful place that felt like we'd entered another world - wonderful.