Saturday, September 5, 2015

Home Comforts In Stresa

Our time in Izola was wonderful, but after a month in one of the most basic campsites imaginable (cold showers and some rather strange fellow campers), we were ready for a few home comforts. Fortunately, our generous friends let us stay in their apartment for a few days in the beautiful town of Stresa on Lake Maggiore.

The first couple of days were a bit wet and miserable, but who cares when you have an actual roof over your head and as much wifi as you want, and you can watch the Athletics on TV? We're easily pleased these days!

But, once the sky cleared and we got those million dollar views across the length of the lake, then you can see why our friends have fallen in love with the place. It made us wonder which we prefer – Stresa's lake views, or Izola's sea views; Stresa's sophisticated charms, or Izola's down to earth appeal. How lucky we are to experience them both.