Tuesday, January 23, 2018

January 21st – Life’s a Beach in Moorea

When you wake up to the view that we did this morning – an impossibly picturesque array of prehistoric-looking jagged green mountains fronted by a gorgeous blue lagoon – then you know exactly why we sign up for the World Cruise each year. There can't be many more exotic sights than Moorea.

Our plan today was to hire bikes and do a long cycle around the island, but unfortunately that plan was scuppered because firstly we were coming into a different bay from last time, so the bike hire companies weren't right at the tender station, and secondly it was a Sunday, so the hire companies in this area were all shut.

However, the upside of it being a Sunday was that the traffic was light, so we decided to go on a hike along the road instead. We were heading for the nearest beach which was about 5kms away, which meant that once we had finally reached there, we were by now totally sweaty messes.

But what better way to cool down than to luxuriate in the inviting turquoise shallow waters of Moorea's stunning lagoon? People pay multiple thousands of dollars to get to lie out on these exclusive stretches of soft powdery sands, but all beaches in French Polynesia are public so we stretched out our towel under the shade of a swaying palm, and enjoyed those million dollar views for nothing.

The water was just below bath-like temperatures, and in the stretches of coral there were plenty of colourful fish – perfect conditions for snorkelling. Then, to get rid of the seawater taste, of course you have to cleanse your palette with a refreshing beer at the beachside bar (for once, at a reasonable price).

It made for a totally idyllic day enjoying the simple pleasures in life. If only our day hadn't ended with a long 5km walk back!