Sunday, October 1, 2017

October 1st – Sunny Halifax

After a couple of days in the St Lawrence and at sea when the weather's been a little chilly, it was nice to get to Halifax (Nova Scotia, not West Yorkshire), to find that it was warm and sunny. Plus, to remind us of the city's Scottish roots, our arrival (and departure) was greeted by some stirring bagpipe music by a piper in full tartan regalia on the dockside.

We've been here lots of times before, so we didn't set our sights for sightseeing too high, beyond just enjoying the relaxed Sunday atmosphere along the sun-drenched waterfront, and walking up to the Citadel.

Actually, our most important objective was to find some fast wifi to update. Our search took us to Halifax's excellent modern library – I've never seen a library so busy, it must be a real hub for the community. Aside from all the books, 2 packed out cafes, and a free concert by a large orchestra, the wifi was excellent, so we couldn't have asked for more.

The rest of town seemed to be doing pretty well too – there was lots of building work going on, and the city seemed to be generally smartening up its act (not that it was at all scruffy before).

When the sun's shining, Halifax is another place that appears to have an excellent quality of life.