Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oct 24 – Sorrento

For the last day of the cruise, we were in the beautiful town of Sorrento. Our tour was meant to go to Pompeii, and then onto the Amalfi coast, but unfortunately the horrible weather had caused a mud slide on the coastal road to Amalfi, so that part of the trip was cancelled.

Nevertheless, the trip to Pompeii was excellent, as we saw a few bits we hadn't discovered on previous trips. Pictured, is one of the most memorable sights - a plaster cast of one of the victims of the famous eruption of AD79. The poor man must have curled up into a ball and tried to cover his face to protect himself from the choking ashes that killed him, and 2,000 other victims.

As we walked the incredibly preserved streets of Pompeii, we passed houses covered in 2,000 year-old graffiti, and looked around ancient brothels decorated with some graphic frescoes, intended to inspire the clientele.