Tuesday, February 13, 2018

February 11th – Milford and Dusky Sounds

Today we were treated to some of the most scenic cruising that you can possibly imagine, as we sailed around the superb Dusky and Milford Sounds on New Zealand's wild and untouched south-western coast. So, for the guests it was a case of sit back and enjoy the magnificent scenery of these awesome fjords, while for the poor Destination Lecturer it was a case of go up to the bridge and try to describe the indescribably beautiful.

It's a difficult balance to strike – giving enough information to make your presence over the ship's PA system worthwhile, but not talk so much that you ruin the serenity of the vistas, or more importantly, annoy the Captain with your constant prattling.

The other thing is that you soon run out of superlatives, as you drink in these supremely stunning views that words can scarcely do justice to. As I used up all my poetic powers in my narration, I think I'll let Tracy's pictures do the talking in this blog. But, however good the pictures look, you really have to see this in person to fully appreciate the sheer natural beauty of New Zealand's breathtaking Fjordland.