Monday, November 6, 2017

November 3rd – Arriving and Leaving in Hong Kong

Hong Kong can always be a bit of a sensation overload, but when you've arrived bleary-eyed off an overnight flight without much sleep, it can feel like you're visiting a different planet. With its towering skyline, flickering neon signs, super-crowded streets and electronic gadgets everywhere, in our jet-lagged state it felt like we'd turned up on the set of Bladerunner.

We were joining the Silver Shadow for what should be a fun month cruising down from Hong Kong, through Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia, and our mission today was basically to stay awake as long as possible so that we could get our sleep patterns back on track. So, we slept-walked our way through the huge malls and frenetic streets of Kowloon, trying to soak up some of the incredible energy of the place to keep us awake.

It just about worked, and we made it through to an early room service dinner, before crashing out. We're both lecturing tomorrow, so hoping for a long sleep……