Friday, April 22, 2022

April 19th – Malaga at its Best

Today the Costa del Sol was really living up to its name – there was a relaxed sun-drenched feel to Malaga that was a joy to soak up.

Malaga has always been an under-rated place, but its new cruise terminal right in the centre of its re-developed waterfront really shows off the town to its best. We got up early to do a walk along the attractive city beach – a beach that often gets forgotten about when all the tourists rush off to their concrete resorts further along the coast.

After strolling the pedestrianised shopping streets of the town centre, we then visited the town’s lively market, which is a great showpiece for the wonderful seafood that the area’s famous for – where better to have some delicious fried fresh boquerones?

More browsing and shopping was followed by a wonderful evening meal at an excellent recommended restaurant not too far from the ship called Deriva. 

For some people, the name “Malaga” evokes images of mass-market holiday resorts like Torremolinos. Today showed that there’s much more to this old school city – delicious food, great shopping, a classy atmosphere, and, of course, there’s always the beach.