Thursday, April 7, 2022

April 7th – On the Rhodes Again

Much as I’ve loved all our previous ports, there’s always something re-assuring about returning to Europe after 3 months away. Maybe it’s because we know Rhodes so well, that a visit here is something of a “homecoming” – Tracy and I came here on our first ever holiday together when we were 19, and it’s always a popular stop on any Mediterranean itinerary (we came here three times last year alone).

And, visiting in April, before the package tourists arrive is one of the ways to see this historic town at its best. It feels like Rhodes Town is literally waking up from its winter slumber – as the restaurants and hotels start opening up again with a yawn, and the shops dust themselves off for the summer onslaught (people seem genuinely pleased to see tourists at this time of year, rather than the jaded responses you can often get).

On a warmish day, we decided to trek up to the Ancient Acropolis above Rhodes Town to see its scanty ruins, before doing a pleasant stroll along the beachfront. Some days you don’t have to tick off historic sights or have amazing cultural experiences – just savouring the familiar atmosphere of a place you enjoy coming back to, is more than enough.