Thursday, November 18, 2010

November 15 - Aqaba pill popping

Not much to report today other than an incident of inadvertent doping.

At breakfast, Tracy brought along the vitamin pills for us and put them down on the table for us to have with our breakfasts. When I came back with my food, I saw the pill and gulped it down.

When Tracy returned she asked me if I wanted my pill, to which I replied, I've already had it.
"No you haven't, it's here."
"Well what have I eaten then?" Uh, oh!

It appears that the previous person sitting there before me had left their pill on the mat. Tracy's non-alarmist solution to this potential poisoning was to stick my fingers down my throat, which I tried but to no avail.

What the pill was for I don't know, but so far I have ruled out Viagra, constipation and laxatives. We will see how I progress……