Tuesday, September 19, 2017

September 12th – Back to Sea at Southampton

After a wonderful summer off, with trips to Mykonos, Seville, Cadiz, Slovenia, Stresa, and Shropshire(!), it was time to get back to the day job and back on the ocean wave. In spite of our taxi driver trying to take us the wrong way around the M25 (it was a good thing that we knew the way!), we made it to Southampton in plenty of time to join Silversea's newest ship, the Silver Muse.

So, we will be stopping in at a few British and Irish ports, before crossing the tempestuous Atlantic to Canada, and then sailing up the St Lawrence to Montreal. After that, we'll be doing the following cruise down the East Coast of the US, to finish in Florida.

A lot of lectures to give, but should be fun!