Sunday, August 1, 2021

August 1st – If You Can’t Stand The Heat In Rhodes…..

…..get into the water. 

Phewee it was hot today – 100F for most of the day. Any breezes blowing were hot and a little smoke-tinged (from fires raging on the Turkish coast – only 11 miles away, just visible through the haze). 

Our idea was to find a museum we had heard about, that supposedly displayed an amazing ancient navigational tool that was well ahead of its time. Unfortunately, no-one had heard of this mythical museum, and it was getting too hot to continue our search – if anyone has heard of it, let me know.

As we walked through the sultry medieval streets of the atmospheric Old Town, we were wondering where all the people had gone – surely it couldn’t just be the pandemic (especially when we know that tourist numbers here are on the rise from our last visit)? But, as we got to Elli Beach (just a 15-minute walk from the ship), it was obvious where all the people were – they'd had the same idea as us, to head to the waters. Actually, most people had a slightly different idea from us, roasting themselves on their sunbeds on the beach, whilst we sheltered in the shade of a bar.

We had headed to a trendy beach bar called Baia whose chilled-out music got steadily more thumping as the day wore on. It was full of attractive, tanned young people, so a couple of deathly-white middle-aged old codgers hardly stood out at all! But, the service was impeccable, the food was good, and the over-priced drinks were cold, and every time the temperature got too hot it was just a short walk to the incredibly turquoise waters to cool down. Bliss!

We’re not normally beach people, but it’s the only place to go on a scorcher like today.