Saturday, July 31, 2021

July 31st - Enjoying the Quieter Patmos-phere

If Paros yesterday felt like it was getting packed with tourists, then quiet Patmos was the perfect antidote to that. The “Island of the Apocalypse” isn’t on the main ferry routes and doesn’t have an airport, and while its narrow beaches are pleasant enough it’s not really a beach destination. In my book, none of that is a negative – this is a place for discerning travellers who love Greek island life, without the tourist frenzy.

On a boiling hot day, we were glad that we had made the arduous trek up to St John’s Monastery last time we were here, because this was a day for gentle strolling and quiet relaxation. Even that was a struggle in this heat – sunglasses that were on the table in the shade, felt like they’d been left in the oven; while cold water bottles turned warm within an hour.

On an island of tranquil monasteries and a low-key restaurants, Patmos is a place to just slow down and relax. In this heat it was difficult to do anything else.