Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July 11th – Carmen at Verona’s Amphitheatre

There can't be many more stirring places to watch an opera than open-air in the ancient Roman amphitheatre of Verona. We've been quite a few times before and it's always been swelteringly hot, but today was refreshingly (and surprisingly cool).

Other than not having sweat dripping down the back of our legs, what made the performance even better was that it was one of my favourite operas – Carmen (ok, I don't know many operas, but Carmen is one that I've seen a few times). Actually, it was the best staging of it that I've ever seen, with a cast of hundreds of singers and dancers on the huge stage, joined by plenty of children, donkeys and horses.

The only downside of having such amazing sets was that every set change (there were four) took over 20 minutes, which meant that it took almost 4 hours to complete. We took our seats on the stone steps around 8ish, and left just before 1am, scarcely able to feel our backsides!

Numb bum or not, it was a great experience.