Monday, September 6, 2010

September 4th – Betanzos

For our final night with Ade and Lucie, we moved on to Betanzos, a historic town outside of La Coruna, where we also met up with Nobby, an Anglo-Spaniard friend of theirs who was staying nearby. Betanzos doesn't have a campsite, so we decided to risk it by parking up for the night in a "quiet" side street.

There's not much to Betanzos, but it's a pretty place that gets quite lively on a Saturday night. Nobby took us to an excellent pulperia, where we had the best Pulpo Gallego (Galician octopus) we've ever had, and we did a crawl round a few tapas bars, on our epicurean quest for culinary excellence at rock-bottom prices.

Once we'd decided that it was late enough for all the rowdy youngsters to have gone to bed, we went back to our salubrious roadside campsite. However, it appears that 2am, is about the time everyone else was going out, as we listened to a chorus of shouts and manic laughter in the street for the next hour – fortunately no-one paid the slightest attention to us and we survived the night.