Sunday, November 11, 2012

November 5th – Bonaire

We'd thought that the snorkelling yesterday was pretty good, but Bonaire was off the scale. On my snorkelling trip to Klein Bonaire (a little island just off our port of call, Kralendijk) the quality and variety of the coral and the amount of fish was by far the best that I've ever experienced in the Caribbean.

Unlike Tracy, I didn't see a turtle, but I saw plenty of parrotfish munching noisily on the coral, and countless luminous and iridescent other types of fish – a great experience. After the trip, we just about had enough time to have a quick run around Kralendijk, to soak up its mixture of influences – from Dutch, to Spanish, to African, to American.

Unsurprisingly, this turned out to be many people's favourite stop on this leg of the cruise.

Ps. Tracy was excited to see that we were docked next to the Scientologist's cruise ship (I didn't know they ran their own cruise line), but she was disappointed at the lack of sightings of Tom Cruise or John Travolta.