Sunday, November 4, 2012

October 29th – Catamaran and Lobster in Antigua

What a fantastic trip! When it's boiling hot outside, of course, the only thing to do is to get on a luxury catamaran, enjoy the breezes, drink some champagne and eat some lobster.

Apparently Hurricane Sandy had sucked all the air out of the Eastern Caribbean which didn't make for ideal sailing conditions, but our skipper managed to find a few gusts to propel us around Antigua's beautiful coastline. The island likes to boast that it has 365 beaches which is probably pushing the marketing hype a little, but as you're sailing around the coast and come across so many beautiful secluded little beaches, one after the other, you begin to believe the beach count.

We stopped at a deserted bay for a swim while the grilled lobster was prepared for us, and over dinner the drinks flowed freely. This left us all feeling very lazy, but fortunately there wasn't anything for us to do other than sit back, enjoy another vino, and get sailed back to St John's.

An extremely unproductive day, but it was great fun being busy doing nothing.