Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 7th – Grenada

This is the first Caribbean island to feature on Tracy's "I could live here" index – even if she did have to introduce a "if only it wasn't so bloody hot" caveat. Her reasons for liking it are fairly understandable – these were possibly the friendliest people we've come across in the Caribbean, the island is truly beautiful (unspoilt rainforests, cascading waterfalls, stunning beaches), and tourism here is delightfully low-key.
I did a tour to explore the spicy heritage of this self-styled "Spice Isle of the Caribbean", visiting a nutmeg plantation and a fragrant nutmeg processing plant featuring a huge amount of a spice that in all my culinary experience I have consumed at a rate of about half a nutmeg per decade.

Considering that the nutmeg industry (along with the rest of the island) was devastated by the terrible Hurricane Ivan in 2004, things seemed to have recovered fairly well.

Grenada is still a fairly poor place, so it needs its tourist industry to grow, but I hope that they take things slowly, because this place has a special atmosphere that it would be a shame to spoil with unthinking development.