Monday, February 8, 2010

Hong Kong Sleepover

Not a lot to report today I'm afraid, because our main activity was catching up on sleep. We got up at 9am, had breakfast, then went back to bed again, and slept till 4pm! Probably not the best thing to do to get our bodyclocks back on track.

We finally forced ourselves out of bed, and were glad to see that it had been raining torrentially all day, so we didn't have to feel too guilty for being so lazy.

So we ventured out into the huge mall again, to be jostled by the crowds, and so that Tracy could have her favourite HK dish - a disgusting-looking tofu and mango gooey mush. I then had a go on a new exercise machine that shakes the fat off you - if only it were that easy.

To tire myself out, I then decided to watch "The Last Samurai" on TV on the exercise bike in the gym (it's kind of research for my lecture on Kagoshima, as the story is extremely loosely based on events there) - unfortunately, I hadn't realised that the film is well over 2 hours long, so by the time it was over I was totally exhausted and walking like Bambi.

We hope to be able to fall asleep tonight......