Monday, February 8, 2010

Sailing for Da Nang

It turns out that if you sleep for 16 hours one day, you can scarcely sleep the next night - so, our bodyclocks have obviously not adjusted.

After a whole night of lying there waiting to sleep, it seemed like the alarm went off the exact moment we finally nodded off. Unfortunately, this alarm couldn't be ignored, as I had my lecture on Da Nang to give this morning.

There was a good attendance, and it seemed like my musings on Central Vietnam went down well.

After all this excitement, we obviously had to have an afternoon nap, but this time we both forced ourselves to get out of the bed to go to the gym.

It's getting pretty humid as we sail south to Da Nang - we're doing a rickshaw ride tomorrow, so the poor driver may be sweating a bit as he hauls our western carcasses around.