Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 11th-15th – Back Travelling Again

After a boiling summer in the campervan, and a month of autumnal weather in the UK, we're off again. We're joining the Silver Spirit in Athens for a jaunt around the Mediterranean, so we took the opportunity to visit Tracy's Dad on the island of Spetses (about a 2.5 hour ferry ride from Piraeus).

Apparently, most of the town had pretty much shut down for the end of the holiday season, but we luckily enjoyed some good timing, because our visit co-incided with the Spetses Swimathon/Marathon which meant that the town came to life again and was really buzzing.

It all started on Saturday with a 5 mile swim across to the mainland and back again – pretty gruelling by the looks of it; and then on Sunday we cheered on the marathon runners. When the winner came back with a time of under 2 hours, we thought that we may have witnessed a world record, until we found out that the "marathon" only covered 26 kms, not 26 miles. Whatever distance it was, it was enough to make us feel fat and lazy.

The weather was lovely all weekend (warm enough to swim in the sea), so we have high hopes for the next three weeks in the Med.