Saturday, May 29, 2010

Spetses in May - Hedgehogs, Mad Dogs and Englishmen

We're having a lovely few days enjoying the sun and the laidback atmosphere of island life in Spetses with Tracy's Dad and his Mad Dog, Loppy. Loppy is a schitzophrenic - on the one hand, he is the most affectionate and characterful dog in the world, and then, every now and then, Mr Hyde emerges, and he barks madly at nothing, or chases someone on a moped, or faces off a dog three times his size (plus indulging in some other unspeakable acts).

We've been going for long walks in the hills behind town (guarded by Loppy of course), encountered a surprising number of hedgehogs waddling obliviously down the middle of the road, watched a lot of football, eaten a lot of Greek Salads, and drunk a reasonable amount of Amstel.

Now off to the island of Poros, to stay with Lisi, our friend from the Azamara Quest.