Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Monday 21st January – The Day That Never Was

Over the course of this cruise we've been gaining extra hours as we travel westwards – but, just to prove that nothing in life is free, today we lost a day out of our lives, as we crossed the International Date Line. So, Monday 21st of January never happened for us – we passed from Sunday to Tuesday.

To my knowledge, no-one onboard missed out on a birthday on that missing Monday, so no-one could say that they have been the same age for two consecutive years.

Of course, no-one likes Mondays at the best of times, so it wasn't much mourned, although I must admit that I was utterly confused as to what has happened to the space –time continuum.

Time travel is easy on the Silver Whisper.

PS. Seeing as nothing happened on a day that never existed, I have included some shots from around the ship, including Sujith, the F&B Manager, with the biggest fish that I have never seen.