Friday, April 27, 2012

April 15th – Muscat

Quite a low-key day for us in Muscat – we've been here plenty of times and all the major sights have already been ticked off, so we set ourselves a mission of finding a local restaurant for some hummus and falafels. We failed.

We explored the atmospheric souk at Muttrah, but we weren't in the market for pashminas, slippers, Omani daggers, frankincense, myrrh or gold, so we weren't buying. We then went into the sun-bleached backstreets of the old town as the falafel hunt continued, but the only decent restaurant that we'd have considered eating in was a Pakistani one.

If I were to open a restaurant in Muscat, I'd definitely make it a Lebanese one!

We now have 5 days at sea sailing across the Gulf of Aden in the most dangerous pirate zone in the world – the ship is taking loads of security measures to avoid the pirates, so hopefully we won't see any skull and crossbones on the way.