Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nov 13th – More Adventure in Antigua

Yet another day kayaking and snorkelling.

We headed out of St John's (which was virtually dead because it was a Sunday), and went to the East side of the island where we were taken to a speedboat to zoom over to the mangrove swamps for a spot more kayaking. After bouncing around on the noisy speedboat, the kayaking was much more peaceful, as we glided our way through the quiet mangroves. After the kayaking the day before yesterday, I thought that my technique would be perfect by now, but I still have a tendency to veer off to one side all the time.

After this, we re-boarded the boat to speed over to one of the reefs – here the coral was particularly impressive, all sorts of weird and wonderful shapes, however there weren't as many fish on offer as at the previous islands.

Finally, we were taken to a little coral island to have a small hike up to the top to look over the string of islands surrounding Antigua, and then to laze around on its gorgeous beaches – incredibly soft sand, intensely turquoise warm seas and deserted beaches that could have come straight out of a tourist brochure. It felt like paradise.