Friday, March 8, 2013

February 25th – Cooking Hong Kong Style

Today, Tracy and I did a fun Chinese cooking course at the Hong Kong School of Home Management. We first went to a wet market at North Point on HK Island, and then it was time to learn. We didn't do anything particularly complicated, but what we cooked up was delicious – chilli beef and a prawn dish. The magic ingredients were the Chinese fish sauces and rice wine, although pretty much all of the sauces had MSG in them.

Having ploughed my way through my wonderfully tasty creations, we were told that it was then time to go for a Dim Sum lunch overlooking Hong Kong Harbour. More food was scarcely needed, but somehow we managed to work our way through quite a few more dishes.

At the end of lunch, we waddled our way through Kowloon's enormous shopping malls, before the ship's drill, and then more of Hong Kong's Number One leisure activity – shopping.