Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October 16th – PEI Dune Walk

Today I left the quiet town of Charlottetown, and went to explore the beautiful countryside and coastlines that Prince Edward Island's most famous for. We headed to the north of the island, to visit the pristine PEI National Park and do a walk out to its unspoilt coastal dunes.

Apparently these dunes are particularly rare because they're parabolic dunes (U-shaped), but as I can't tell a parabolic dune from your bog-standard dune, I just had to appreciate the scenery for what it was – absolutely stunning.

We trekked into the National Park through some thick forest and emerged at a boardwalk over the wetlands. In spite of the fact that it felt that winter had well and truly arrived, somehow the mosquitoes were still going strong, and I got bitten all over my head and face. Maybe because they had a body mass not far off that of a small bird, these mosquitoes didn't appear to feel the cold, and you felt them thud down on any exposed flesh before disappearing off with an armful of blood.

Anyway, I didn't let these bloodsuckers spoil my enjoyment of the scenery, and the white sand beach we emerged at was truly gorgeous. Because of a loop in the Gulf Stream, PEI's seawater is some of the warmest north of Florida – I think I'll have to come back in the summertime to give it a try.