Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October 18th – Here Comes The Sun in Halifax

Just when we thought we'd never see the sun again, out it popped in Halifax, as a chilly autumnal morning, developed into a beautifully warm and sunny day. So, I couldn't have chosen a better day to do the "Halifax By Bike Tour" – a tour, which (unsurprisingly, given its name) allowed us to explore the city on two wheels.

With its long waterfront and plenty of parks, Halifax is a great place to explore by bike, as we discovered its different neighbourhoods and learnt about the city from a different perspective. Sometimes when I've done this kind of tour in the past, it turns out that some of the participants haven't got on a bike in 50 years, and you're constantly worried that someone's going to topple off; but, fortunately all my fellow bikers were fit, strong and stable, so we were able to zoom around at a fair speed.

A really pleasant tour.