Monday, June 13, 2011

June 4th to 5th – Chilling in Straubing

The campsite at Straubing is one of the nicest that we've been to – close to town with huge patches of lush green grass, which, combined with the beautiful weather and a backdrop of chiming bell towers, induced a feeling of extreme lethargy and a reluctance to do anything (which suited us very well).

There's not a huge amount to see in town – it's another picturesque historic Bavarian town of impressive churches (ranging from austere Gothic, to florid baroque, to over the top rococo), quaint half-timbered buildings, and pleasant pavement cafes; but on a summer's day there's a really relaxed atmosphere to town, and the long town square is great to just sit and people watch in.

So, a relaxing place to be in, apart from Tracy's now-daily run in with a campsite staffer, who took great exception to her walking across a newly mopped bathroom floor, and erupted into unadulterated (and thankfully unintelligible) fury, which inspired a forthright reply from Tracy who now doesn't take any lip from campsite workers who are unhappy in their lot.